Computer Repairs – PC Fixes

Computer Repairs

On-Site IT Support: Let us bring our computer repair and business IT services to your office. We specialize in technical support for small to medium sized businesses. Service include: Computer repair, networking setup and troubleshooting, or any information technology repair or support can be done on-site, at your location.

Entrust the launch and management of your technology deployment to GPT’s team of seasoned professionals, and avoid any unnecessary disruptions to your workforce that may limit productivity.

Our experts are proficient at all types of technology deployments and strive to minimize disruptions while maximizing end-user uptime.  We work with your organization to find the best approach for your deployment, evaluating factors such as onsite versus remote, or during the workday versus off hours and weekends.

In addition to decreasing disruption, it’s important to ensure that your end users are comfortable with their new devices.  Learn more about how deployment fits into a complete refresh project.

Deployment Scheduling

As deployments rollout, end users are notified via email of an impending refresh.  This notification includes details of the deployment and a recommended date and time.  We work with your employee to schedule the deployment at a convenient time that does not interfere with any meetings or periods when he or she cannot afford to be without a computer.  

Configure and Transfer Data

Customers have options when it comes to deployments:  Onsite Deployments — GPT will swap out your employee’s current computer, or update their software, at your office at a time specified by you.  This process includes:

  • Transferring end user data and system personality using a migration script developed and maintained by GPT
  • Verifying proper printers and drives are mapped
  • Executing a series of test cases (developed by GPT and the customer)
  • Connecting power, signal and peripheral cables to the new system
  • Collecting and labeling the legacy system for final disposition
  • Updating asset management records
  • End user familiarization with new technology and software
  • Scheduling
  • Shipping coordination
  • End user communication
  • Shipment tracking
  • Status reporting

To ensure that no data is lost during technology refreshes, everything is archived for a designated quarantine period.  If the end users should discover a missing file that was not included in the data migration, the computer’s archived data is recovered and sent to the employee.

Computer Repairs – Hardware / Software Deployment 

New operating systems and equipment can be confusing and cause unnecessary frustration for your employees.  To hedge these issues, GPT offers several support services to ensure a smooth transition.  We are flexible and willing to work with your internal IT team in any capacity.

For all deployments, we have a help desk setup with a hotline for your employees to quickly call in with any questions or issues.

For additional help, our experts can develop instruction manuals or FAQ sheets for easy reference by employees.

For larger deployments or updates, we typically setup a help desk onsite for two-to-seven days depending on need.  We can become an extension of your helpdesk, logging and updating incidents directly to your system.

Out with the Old 

As your old technology equipment is collected, GPT manages any end of life services, including data destruction and warranty repairs   Schedule an appointment today.