NJ Computer Repair:

PC Repair since 1998, providing computer repair for homes and businesses.  Regardless of your computer needs, we guarantee the fastest computer repair solutions. Bring in your computer or we will come to you. Our office is located in West Long Branch, New Jersey.

PC Repair: What Can We Do For You? 

  • Full Onsite or Offsite Diagnostics: Bring in or we come to your home or business to evaluate all your technology needs.
  • Computer Repair for Operating Systems (OS): Windows and Mac OS X, running slow or not at all. No recovery disk required. 100% of the time we can restore your system to factory conditions.
  • MALWARE, RANSONWARE, SCAREWARE, SPYWARE or any threat detected and removed; 100% data recovery and removal.

PC Repair Services that save many clients from experiencing hard drive failure and complete data loss. Our computer repair ranges from home users to small businesses, in every line of business. Regardless of how complicated your computer needs, we guarantee the fastest and most cost effective computer services solution available.

When it comes to your business, computer consulting must be handled by experienced and certified professionals. We offer expert IT managed services. We assess your network configurations, network security infrastructure, backup systems, servers, workstations, software and hardware. After a full assessment we will notify you if your business needs network, hardware, software or other upgrades. We perform services every day for hundred of clients around the global.

Our consultants will examine the performance and integrity of your data infrastructure, computer systems, networking devices, servers, peripherals, while testing for vulnerabilities. The next assessment step is to deliver a report with a network analysis and network improvement plan. With our SWOT analysis of your computer network evaluation, you will see the strengths and weaknesses of your network and how we can improve your businesses computer systems.