About US | PC Repair

PC Repair:  Why use Gardner Precision Technologies (GPT) Services?

PC repairs since 1998, we have changed our clients’ lives through developing relationships and providing outstanding services in both homes and businesses.  Regardless of how complicated your computer needs, we guarantee the fastest, most cost effective solutions within your budget.  Don’t WORRY about PRICE…  We will NEVER LOSE any CLIENT over a realistic PRICE.

In addition, when it comes to your home or business, computer consulting must be handled by experienced and knowledgeable professionals.  We are a NJ-based business and we never use sub-contractors for any projects.  Another valuable fact, you always speak with the owner, and he will be involved in your project until it is completed.

PC Repair: What Can We Do For You? 

  • Onsite Consultation:  we come to your home or business to evaluate all your technology needs.  Call for an appointment and pricing requirements.
  • Operating Systems (OS):  Windows and Mac OS X, running slow or not at all.  No recovery disk requiredNo license required.  100% of the time we can restore your system to factory conditions within 24 hours, including same day service.
  • MALWARE, RANSONWARE, SCAREWARE, SPYWARE or BEWARE!  Don’t worry we have a 100% data recovery and removal track record.  IF WE CAN’T FIX IT, YOU DON’T PAY!  No one in the business can match this offer in services.
  • AND MORE…  If it is computer related, we can FIX IT…  When it comes to outsourcing consider the following; always outsource what others can do more efficiently and within reasonable cost.  Use your time to grow and maintain your business.  For unqualified IT professionals, time is wasted working in the business, instead of on the business.  Contact us today!