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Did you know that around 90% of computers have some form of malware or spyware? While most issues are just annoying, like pop ups and slow performance some infections can cause damage to your operating system potentially leading to data corruption or even system crashes. The biggest concern with these infections is the security breach they create making you vulnerable to spying, identity theft and web tracking. If you suspect your computer is infected it’s crucial to stop using it and take steps to remove any software.

Visit our store. Take advantage of our offer; a FREE System Tune up & Optimization Service! Once we’ve thoroughly cleaned your computer or laptop of all virus infections we’ll also optimize it. Perform a complete system tune up to significantly improve its speed. We guarantee that not will your computer be cleaner but it will also operate faster than before—often surpassing its original performance.

Worried about data breaches, privacy concerns or the confidentiality of health records and personal information? No need to worry! We offer both extensive IT security audits that provide insights, into the measures we would implement if we were managing your network.

When it comes to ensuring the security of your data it’s important to seek assistance, from professionals.

At our Computer Repairs Virus Removal Company we specialize in identifying and eliminating viruses that can cause your computer to slow down become crash programs and display errors. We also address issues such as internet access, unauthorized emails sent from your account Windows Security features with constant notifications passwords being changed without your knowledge and the appearance of fake anti virus programs.

We understand the frustration of not being able to log in to Windows or encountering functions and menus. Additionally if you’ve experienced blue screen errors during startup or while using your computer or have been locked out of access with a ransom notice demanding payment through FBI special money gram requests. We can help.

Please be aware that rogue scanners are a type of scam software known as scareware. These deceptive programs pretend to be antivirus or antispyware software by claiming that your system is infected. They do this with the intention of tricking you into purchasing their version.

Our services include guaranteed virus and spyware removal using our PrecisionCheck method. This ensures that when we return your computer to you it will be completely free, from any infections.

To achieve this we take backups of all your system files and data while disabling the infection. We then prepare the system for scanning by disabling and removing infections.

You can trust us to provide assistance in safeguarding your data and restoring the optimal performance of your computer.
Make sure to clear out any files, cookies and other unnecessary junk files before starting the scan. Run a scan to check for viruses, spyware, trojans, rootkits and other types of malware infections. If any infections are detected, proceed to remove them and clean up the system. It’s important to repeat all scans to ensure that no additional infections remain. For infected machines consider running scans, for more comprehensive protection. To safeguard your system in the future its recommended to install a security suite that includes both virus and anti malware protection. We provide a 45 day service guarantee even if your system gets reinfected during that period.

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