Have you ever tried reaching out to a vendor, like Dell for assistance? It can be quite a time consuming and patience testing experience. That’s why we’ve been in business for the 18 years. We understand the importance of having a person in English, who can assist you either at your home or office. At Gardner Precision Technologies we specialize in providing computer services for businesses.

Here’s what we can do for you;

Help you choose the computer that fits your needs and budget. We’ll guide you through the process, including the delivery of your new system.
Assist you with setting up your computer and transferring all your data from the one.
Manage all necessary software licenses, including those related to Office products or any previous installations.
Ensure sanitization of your drive so that you can safely trade in or recycle your old computer.
Provide training on how to use your system including configuring email accounts. If needed we have expertise in dealing with platforms, like Verizon or Comcast.
Take care of warranty services and support after the sale.

At Gardner Precision Technologies Computer Services Small Business division our goal is to make sure that you have a hassle experience and receive top notch support throughout.We have a support period of 30 days to ensure your satisfaction, with your new computer. Our customized service plans are designed to meet your needs and budget ensuring the safety and smooth functioning of your system. At Gardner Precision Technologies we have a team of technicians dedicated to providing computer services for businesses. We operate a staffed Network Operations Center (NOC) that actively monitors your network in time. To ensure reliability we back up data to disk of tape encrypting it for security purposes. Your backups are securely stored at our managed data center facilitating restoration when needed. Additionally we create images of your server(s) enabling restoration without relying on tape based processes. Our comprehensive off site backup and disaster recovery service safeguards your data against disasters, like hurricanes, floods or fire damages. In case of a disaster or prolonged power outage we can assist with server co location to ensure business operations. If you’re looking for system sales and setup for your business choose Gardner Precision Technologies.

Typical Scenario;You probably have a lot of files on your computer, such, as documents, emails digital photos and music. Unfortunately computers are susceptible to risks like drive crashes, virus attacks, theft and natural disasters that can instantly wipe out everything. According to statistics approximately one in ten drives fail each year. Dealing with a drive crash is incredibly frustrating because it can render the computer useless by making it impossible to access or retrieve data. Even if the operating system is still functional, after a crash there’s no guarantee that the data will be accessible or undamaged. The cost of recovering data from a failed drive can exceed $10,000. Success is never guaranteed. To avoid putting your files at risk it’s advisable to consider backing up everything today. We provide data backup options including CD/DVD backups, cloud storage solutions, external drives or even remote offsite servers. Imagine losing all your data what would you do? How much would it cost you to recover? Would your business be able to survive? It’s often too late to ask about backups once a hard drive has crashed. Don’t wait until then.
Small Business Computer Services; Sales and Setup of New Systems, by Gardner Precision Technologies.

Types of Backups We Support

CD/DVD Backup. This is the method of backing up data. It is affordable and easy to do although it requires some user involvement in loading CDs and DVDs. A single Dual Layer DVD can store up to 8.5GBs of data. There are pros and cons to consider;

It is inexpensive and readily available.
No need for equipment.

storage space.
User involvement is required.
There is a possibility that the discs can get lost or damaged.

Backup to External Device. This method is quickly becoming the industry standard. It may be more expensive than CD/DVD backup. It requires little to no user input and it can hold an infinite amount of data. Consider the following pros and cons;

It is inexpensive and readily available.
Automated software allows you to “set it & forget it.”

Requires a drive or flash drive.
You need to purchase equipment and software.
There is a chance that the equipment may fail.

Backup to Remote Server. This method offers one of the ways to backup data by storing it on a server. Your data will be safe, secure and accessible from anywhere at any time. Consider these pros and cons;

Your data remains safe outside your office premises.
Accessible from anywhere, at any time.

The secure way to safeguard your data involves paying yearly fees. This automated software allows you to set it up once and not worry about it long as you have an internet connection. By storing your data offsite it remains safe in case of floods or fires. This does require relying on a company.

At some point you may find the need to preserve every detail of your drive. We can create a snapshot of your disk so that you’ll be able to restore your system to its exact state when the disk was imaged.

We offer a day local pickup service, for those unable to bring their computers to our shop. Rest assured we will pick up your computer. Return it fixed! Some restrictions may apply. Our computer services for businesses include system sales and setup provided by Gardner Precision Technologies.

Gardner Precision Service Process;
1. Analyze existing hardware and software components.
2.. Configure the backup software.
3. Set up the device and configure files/folders for backup.
4. Offer options for automated or manual backup processes.
5. Provide training on how to maintain the procedure.
6. Follow up months later to ensure our services deliver results.

For businesses, in need of computer services we also offer system sales and setup through Gardner Precision Technologies.