Professional Computer Repair Services for Red Bank Businesses

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Professional Computer Repair Services for Red Bank Businesses

In today’s digital age, malware is a serious threat to businesses, and it is essential to have virus and malware removal services available. Malware can take many forms, including applications that spy on you, corrupt your data, destroy your hard drive, or give control of your machine to someone thousands of miles away. No matter what form it takes, malware can be detrimental to your business. With many strands of malware out there, it may only be a matter of time before your business becomes a victim of a malware attack.

If you suspect that your computer has malware, it is important not to panic. Also, don’t assume that you need to wipe your computer clean and start from scratch. Often, you can remove malware without having to erase everything else. There are many variables that will determine if you need to perform a comprehensive system wipe, but don’t assume this is always the best course of action.

Here are some steps to take if you suspect malware on your computer:

Step 1: Determine if your computer has an infection at all. Signs that your computer may be infected include sluggishness, a Web browser that suddenly looks different or automatically goes to a site you don’t recognize, frequent crashes, and messages indicating corrupted files.

If you suspect malware, run malware software to identify it. Note that 90% of antivirus software will not identify or remove malware, so make sure to use the right software. Some malware can disable antivirus software, so if you don’t have any, purchase or download an application. If malware is blocking you from downloading antivirus software, you may need to download the software on another computer and transfer it to disk or a flash drive. Note that some sophisticated malware will disable all administrative functions on your computer, including installations.

Antivirus software is practically a requirement for anyone using the Windows operating system. While you can avoid computer viruses by practicing safe habits, the people who write computer viruses are always looking for new ways to infect machines. There are several different antivirus programs on the market — some are free and some you have to purchase. Keep in mind that free versions are at best unreliable and will not protect your system. It is recommended to invest in quality antivirus protection to ensure your data’s safety.

Step 2: Assuming you are able to run antivirus software, make sure it is up to date, and scan your computer. Most antivirus programs have an alert page that will list each virus or other malware it finds. Write down the names of each malware application your software discovers.

Many antivirus programs will attempt to remove or isolate malware for you. You may have to select an option and confirm that you want the antivirus software to tackle the malware.

Step 3: If the antivirus software says it has removed the malware successfully, shut down your computer, reboot, and run the antivirus software again. If the software comes back with a clean sweep, you’re good to go. If the antivirus software finds different malware, you may need to repeat the previous steps. If it finds the same malware as before, you might have to try something else.

Step 4: If you can’t access your antivirus software or you keep seeing the same malware pop up scan after scan, try starting your computer in Safe Mode. This allows you to work with your machine using only the core elements of the Windows OS. Try using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software in this mode. If new malware pops up, you may have hit upon your solution. If for some reason your antivirus software can’t remove the virus on its own, research the names of the malware applications your software discovered online using the appropriate Internet security firm.

To avoid infections, don’t open strange e-mail attachments or click on hyperlinks in e-mail or other messages. Also, avoid visiting questionable websites.

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