Computer Technician – Data Recovery Services

Computer Technician – Data Recovery Services:

  • We Employ a Fully staffed Network Operations Center (NOC) that Monitors your network in real-time.
  • Data is backed up to disk which is generally more reliable than tape
  • Data is encrypted for security reasons
  • Backups are stored at our managed data center for easy restore
  • Full images are created of your server(s) allowing a full restore in a fraction of the time it would take for a tape based restore.
  • We provide a managed off-site backup and disaster recovery service to fully protect your data.
  • Protection from natural disasters, such as hurricanes, flooding, and fire damages.
  • Allows for the ability to co-locate you servers if a disaster or extended power outage occurs to keep your business operating.

Typical Scenario:  Chances are you have a lot of important stuff on your computer like financial documents, email, digital photos, music and more.  Unfortunately, computers are vulnerable to hard drive crashes, virus attacks, theft and natural disasters, which can erase everything in an instant.  Current statistics show that one in every ten hard drives fail each year.  Hard drive crashes are one of the most frustrating experiences one can have with a computer.  The inability to read data off of the hard drive can render a computer useless.  Even if the OS can run, the data may be inaccessible or damaged.  The cost of recovering a failed hard drive can exceed $10,000, and success is never guaranteed.  Don’t put your important files at risk and consider backing everything up todayWe offer many different data backup options from backups to CD, DVD, Cloud, external drive, or even remote offsite server.What would you do if you suddenly lost your data? How much would it cost to recover? Would your business survive?  The only time a business owner asked who backed up the computer last is when you have a crashed hard drive, too late to ask this question.

 hard drive data recovery service new jerseyTypes of Backups we Support

Backup to CD/DVD – Most popular way of backing up, inexpensive and easy to do, but requires more user input to load CDs and DVDs. Can store upto 8.5gbs on a single Dual Layer DVD.  Pros, Cons to be considered…

  • Inexpensive and readily available, Limited storage space
  • No need for specialized equipment, User involvement required
  • Data preserved forever digitally, Discs can get lost or damaged

Backup to External Device – Quickly becoming the industry standard. A little more expensive that CD/DVD backup but requires little to no user input and can hold infinite data.  Pros, Cons to be considered…

  • Inexpensive and readily available, Requires external hard drive or flash drive
  • Automated software, “set-it & forget-it”, Must buy equipment and software
  • Data preserved forever digitally, Chance of equipment dying.

Backup to Remote Server – One of the safest ways to backup data to an offsite server. Your data is safe and secure located outside of your office, available anywhere and anytime.  Pros, Cons to be considered…

  • Safest way to backup data, Requires monthly/yearly fees
  • Automated software, “set-it & forget-it”, Requires internet connection
  • Data save offsite, safe incase of flood/fire, Dependant on outside company

At some point, you may need to preserve your entire hard drive exactly as it is—byte for byte.  We will create a snapshot of your hard disk so that you can restore your system at a later time to the exact same state the system was when you imaged the disk.

Same Day Local Pickup Service Available:  If you can’t bring in your computer to our shop, don’t worry we’ll come to you, pick it up and bring it back fixed!  Some restrictions apply.

Gardner Precision Service Process

  • Analyze existing equipment (hardware and software)
  • Install and configure required backup software
  • Install and configure backup device
  • Configure files and folders to backup
  • Setup automated or manual backup choice
  • Train user on how to maintain backup procedure
  • Followup months later to ensure services deliver results