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SMB Support Services; Empowering Your Small Business

Managing computer consulting and IT management can be complex, especially for small and medium sized businesses. At Gardner Precision Technologies, we specialize in providing top quality computer consulting and IT managed services in New Jersey. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to thoroughly assessing and improving your network configurations, security infrastructure, backup systems, servers, workstations, software and hardware. We have a strong commitment to delivering upgrades and enhancements that have benefited thousands of clients.

Our certified consultants at Gardner Precision Technologies focus on evaluating the performance and security of your data infrastructure. We conduct thorough testing on all computer systems, networking devices, servers and peripherals to identify vulnerabilities. Following a comprehensive assessment, we provide a detailed report that includes a network analysis as well as an improvement plan. Our SWOT analysis highlights the strengths, weaknesses and potential improvements for your computer network—giving you a clear road map to enhance your businesss IT infrastructure.

In New Jersey, our computer network solutions are designed to optimize efficiency. Gardner Precision Technologies offers cost effective IT network consulting services tailored for businesses at any scale—from network maintenance and security to installation support and software selection.
Overview of IT Consulting Services

**24/7 Monitoring & Management**; Our team provides continuous monitoring and management for desktops, servers and networks, ensuring their smooth operation at all times.
**Management of Security Software**; We handle the installation and updates of essential security software such as anti virus, anti spam and anti malware tools.
**Software Updates and Security Patches**; We take care of managing the necessary updates for your software applications and security patches to keep your systems up to date.
**Data Backup Solutions**; We ensure that both servers and workstations have reliable backup systems in place to safeguard your important data.
**Robust Firewall Setup and Maintenance**; Our experts are responsible for installing powerful firewalls that provide maximum protection against security threats. They also ensure regular maintenance to keep them functioning effectively.
**Secure Email Hosting Services**; We offer secure email hosting in our modern data centers, allowing you to access your emails from anywhere with complete peace of mind.
**Dedicated Client Advocate Support**; A dedicated Client Advocate is assigned to address any specific issues or concerns you may have, ensuring your satisfaction with our services.
**Comprehensive On site Consultation**; Our team conducts a thorough evaluation of your servers, network infrastructure and data systems on site to provide valuable insights and recommendations.
**Proactive Network & Security Analysis**; We assess the security of your network proactively by conducting comprehensive analyses to identify potential vulnerabilities or threats.
**Comprehensive Virus Scanning & Protection Strategies**; We implement a robust malware defense strategy which includes thorough virus scanning measures for maximum protection against malicious software.
**Effective Email Spam & Malware Protection Management;** Our expert team manages email security efficiently by implementing effective measures against spam emails and malware threats that may compromise your system’s integrity.
**Evaluation of Backup Systems Strength;** We evaluate the strength of existing backup systems in place to ensure robust data protection.

**Assessment of Power Protection Systems**; Ensuring protection against power failures.
**Planning for Disaster Prevention**; Reviewing and improving strategies to prevent disasters.
**Evaluation of Internet Speed and ISP**; Assessing internet connections for optimal performance.
**Software Evaluation**; Making sure that service packs, updates and security patches are up to date.
**Free One Hour Assessment**; Covering critical areas of IT, including network core, business processes and needs analysis.

Additional Services;

**Remote Access and VPN Solutions**; Secure connectivity from any location worldwide.
**Project Management and CIO Services**; Strategic planning and management of IT projects.
**Risk Management and Assessments**; Identifying and mitigating risks in IT systems.
**Audits and Design for Information Systems**; Comprehensive reviews and planning for IT systems.
**VMware Virtualization Solutions**; Advanced virtualization options available.
**Network Administration and Management**; Efficient handling of both wired and wireless networks.
**Information Security**; Effective defense against spyware and malware threats.
**Administration of Software and Hardware Platforms**; Managing a variety of platforms/devices.

Looking for assistance with office relocation services? We’ve got you covered! Our team specializes in managing the IT aspects of physical moves to ensure a smooth transition.

When it comes to printer and data administration, count on us to handle all your needs. From managing networked and standalone printers to data recovery and backup, we’ve got the expertise to keep your operations running smoothly.

Need help with new computers? Look no further! We offer sales, services and training for new computer setups, ensuring that you have all the support you need.

At Gardner Precision Technologies, we understand that every business is unique. That’s why we provide custom hardware design and upgrades tailored specifically to meet your individual requirements.

Partner with us for comprehensive IT support designed specifically for small businesses like yours. Trust Gardner Precision Technologies to take care of all your IT needs.

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