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Technology Deployment and Management Services

At GPT, we specialize in orchestrating and managing technology deployments to ensure seamless integration into your business environment, safeguarding against any potential disruptions that could hinder workforce productivity.

Our team, equipped with extensive experience in various technology deployments, is committed to minimizing workplace interruptions and maximizing user operability. We collaborate with your organization to tailor the deployment process, considering factors like onsite versus remote implementation and scheduling installations during business hours or after hours, including weekends.

A key aspect of our service is to not only reduce disruption but also to ensure that your end-users are adept and comfortable with their newly acquired technology. Discover more about how our deployment process complements a comprehensive technology refresh project.

Deployment Planning and Execution

When initiating a technology refresh, we notify end-users via email, providing details about the deployment and suggesting a suitable date and time. We coordinate with your employees to schedule the deployment at a time that avoids conflict with their work commitments and ensures they are not left without necessary technology.

Deployment Options and Procedures

Our deployment options include:

  1. Onsite Deployments: Our team will replace or update your employee’s computer at your office premises at a pre-arranged time. This includes:
    • Transferring user data and system settings using our custom migration script
    • Ensuring correct printer and drive configurations
    • Conducting predefined test cases
    • Setting up power, signal, and peripheral connections for the new system
    • Managing legacy systems, including labeling and preparation for disposal
    • Updating asset management records
    • Training end-users on new technology and software
    • Coordinating shipment and communication
    • Tracking shipments and providing status reports
  2. Data Preservation: To prevent data loss during technology upgrades, we archive all data for a set quarantine period. Should an end-user identify a missing file post-migration, we retrieve and deliver the archived data.

Computer Repair and Software Deployment

Adapting to new operating systems and hardware can be challenging for your employees. To mitigate these issues, GPT offers various support services for a smooth transition. We are adaptable and can collaborate with your internal IT team as required.

For all deployments, our help desk, equipped with a hotline, is available for immediate assistance with any queries or issues.

Additionally, we provide resources like instructional manuals or FAQ sheets for employee reference.

For larger updates or deployments, we often set up an onsite help desk for a duration of two to seven days, as needed. Our team can integrate with your existing helpdesk system for efficient incident logging and updates.

Disposal and Recycling Services

As we collect outdated technology equipment, GPT handles all end-of-life services, including secure data destruction and warranty repairs. Schedule an appointment with us today to experience streamlined technology deployment and management.

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