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When it comes to your online business, every millisecond counts.  Delivering heightened levels of uptime and performance requires real-time transparency into the inner workings of your servers and applications.  Without this transparency it takes you longer to uncover the root cause of your problems and even longer to remedy them.  And the lengthier this process becomes the more unnecessary risk your business takes on.

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Advanced Monitoring from Gardner Precision Technologies (GPT) delivers a comprehensive, simple-to-use monitoring solution that delivers the transparency your business needs to quickly identify problems and speed you down the path to remedying them.  From Availability Monitoring to Performance Monitoring to Application Monitoring, you’ll have all the tools you need to keep your website up and running at peak performance.  And with advanced analytics and trending to help support capacity planning, you’ll also be able to leverage this solution to keep one step ahead of problems before they occur.


Availability Monitoring

As a baseline, you have to know if your servers and URLs are reachable.  We monitor Layer 3 connectivity to the IP addresses of your physical devices.  We also provide you with monitors to track the web page availability and load times of your most important pages.

Performance Monitoring

As your business grows, the demands on your infrastructure will also grow.  Our Performance Monitoring solution tracks over 70 different aspects of hardware performance and utilization across CPU, RAM and storage.  With customizable thresholds, alerting and response, you will easily spot performance bottlenecks and be able to take action before your business is impacted.

Application Monitoring

Our Application Monitoring solution provides the deepest level of insight into performance and root cause analysis, with monitoring for both web servers (IIS and Apache) and databases (SQL Server and MySQL).  You’ll be able to track over 120 performance parameters specific to these core application components, with the ability to customize monitoring thresholds and response actions.

Performance Trending and Capacity Planning

Our Advance Monitoring solution provides the tools to analyze historical data and forecast future infrastructure demand, helping you accurately estimate and plan for future expansion.

Easy to Use Monitoring Dashboard

Alerts, thresholds, response actions, historical data and trending are all easily accessed and managed from our monitoring dashboard.  Think of it as your one-stop-shop for all things monitoring.


Faster Root Cause Analysis and Remediation

Our Advanced Monitoring solution delivers the insights you need to quickly identify and fix problems before they impact your business.  We track and probe hundreds of system parameters 24x7x365, and deliver all of this rich intelligence in an easy-to-use monitoring dashboard that helps you quickly zero in on issues that may affect your application.

Total Control

With customizable monitoring thresholds, instant alerts and customizable response actions, you can fine-tune your monitoring solution to suit your application and the way your do business.

Experts Around The Clock

Our Advanced Monitoring solution is backed by a team of infrastructure experts ready and available 24x7x365 to respond at a moment’s notice to monitoring alerts.  Our team is also there to help with analyzing historical performance data and capacity planning, ensuring that you’re one step ahead of performance bottlenecks.

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