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Are you tired of dealing with computer issues all by yourself? No need to worry because you’re not alone. Many individuals have faced the frustration of seeking support, from known computer brands only to be left dissatisfied with the outcome. That’s where Gardner Precision Technologies (GPT) steps in. We offer top notch solutions for all your computer repair needs.

As a partner of equipment providers we provide a wide array of options that cater to your budget and specific requirements. Our team consists of certified technicians who specialize in computer repairs, maintenance and system administration. Rest assured that our industry experts understand the intricacies involved in their work ensuring that you receive high quality service.

At GPT our comprehensive range of computer repair services covers everything from managing and monitoring desktops, servers and laptops to configuring hardware and installing/updating software packages. We also excel in creating and maintaining computer networks. Furthermore we offer assistance with troubleshooting processes such as support, data recovery, system administration and information systems management. This ensures resolution for all types of computer malfunctions. From minor settings issues to tackling malware and viruses.

By outsourcing your computer repair services to GPT you can focus on your core competencies without being burdened by distracting tasks that’re unrelated, to your job functions.
We cater to a range of professionals, such, as doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, marketers, executives, office managers and government officials. By entrusting your IT services to our team of experts you can save thousands of dollars per day.

Our comprehensive range of services includes in person consultations, proactive analysis of networks and security systems evaluation of virus scanning and protection measures assessment of backup and power protection systems, inspection of disaster prevention plans, software evaluations,
remote access and VPN solutions,
printer and data administration,
sales of computers,
services and training
and hardware design and installation.
We specialize in information security services
Only utilize OEM products to ensure the best possible outcome.

At GPT (our company name) we take pride in delivering efficient service. Our goal is to resolve your computer issues while minimizing any disruptions to your activities. We handle hardware and software repairs with care and attention to safeguard your data and settings so that you can confidently use your device without any concerns.

Our service process involves analyzing your existing equipment. We then proceed with installing and configuring the backup software and devices. We set up file backups for folders according to your requirements. Additionally
we provide training on maintaining the procedure—whether automated or manual—in order for you to have control, over it.
Additionally we offer support months after to guarantee that our services yield the intended outcomes.

To sum up entrusting your computer repair requirements to GPT is the decision when it comes to optimizing effectiveness and output. Our wide array of services and skilled team of technicians will handle all your computer needs. Get in touch with us today to discover more about how we can assist you in focusing on your strengths while leaving the rest to us.

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Over 25 years experience in computer services for homes and businesses; consulting in private and government sectors. Gardner Precision Technologies located in West Long Branch, New Jersey. From home users to large corporations with data centers, in every line of business. Regardless of how complicated your computer needs, we guarantee the fastest and most cost effective computer services solution available.

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