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In all cases dealing with any issues of computers concerning a home or business, only certified professionals should provide computer consulting. That’s why Gardner Precision Technologies, highly skilled technicians provide the best laptop repair services. This evaluation will be carried out on your computer hardware, software and the other important parts. Once we make a complete evaluation, it would be appropriate to alert you on necessary upgrades for the network, hardware, softness and other essential adjustments to your home/business. Such is our daily routine for thousands of customers.


Security: Virus spam and spyware malware removal.
Operating system installations and upgrades
We will assign you a Client Advocate to ensure that issues and matters bothering you are being resolved as it will also ensure you remain satisfied with our services.
For this end we will carry out a on-site consultation where we shall assess the servers, network and data infrastructure.
Virus Scanning and Protective Evaluations – Do not let the next malware crumble your net.
Stop spam and email malware assessment.
Evaluation of backup systems- are really safe from data loss?
Internet Speed Test (ISP) Inspection – Connection and report.
Software Assessment – review service packs, patches and updates are current.
Our Free One Hour Assessment will cover the following critical IT areas: You will need to analyze your core business network, the current landscape and vision, the business processes, and the needs analysis and planning.
Network Management (Wired/Wireless)
Network Configuration (Routers/Switches/Firewalls)
Software Administration (Windows/Mac Platforms)
Office Relocation (Physical Moves)
Printer Administration (Networked/Stand-alone)
Data Administration (Recovery/Backup)
New Computer (Sales/Services/Training)
Custom Builds at Architecture Level, hardware design.
Hardware (Upgrades/Installations)

This may not always be but the general signs that indicate the failure of your hard disk are listed below. Always contact Data Recovery Services if you experience the above mentioned symptoms in order to prevent data loss.

Unusual Clicking or Noises:
However, if you hear a weird scraping sound or a rattling nose then it could mean that your hardisk is dead. These failures mostly precede abnormal loud and strange cracking sounds. You should be aware of different normal vibrations when the hard disk makes work so that you will easily detect unusual vibrations and their nature. We recommend that you should switch it off all clicking drives, contacting experts on data restoration and wait for consultation.

Disappearing Data and Hard Disk Errors:
If your hard drive is degrading or about to fail you will experience such scenarios as finding that your can not save a document you were working on, cannot see/ locate certain files that used to be in your system folder or several of your computer programs stop working due to lack of a particular program That being said, it might be that somebody moved your files or a bad virus ate your data; however, vanishing files often mean that you will soon have to buy a new hard disk.

System / BIOS Fails to Recognize Drive:
This normally means that something is wrong with the drive and not with your computer when you start up and the drive is not recognized. Nevertheless, the initial move would be to examine the hard drive on another machine. However, if this test fails then the drive must have problem. Since it is probably a mechanical failure, we will need a professional hard drive recovery for the data extracted from the disk.

Computer Crashes:
In case your PC usually has a problem of blue-screen; it random reboots, crashes, or fails to reboot it might be your drive that is not working properly. This is especially alarming if this crashing occurs while your computer is accessing large files, for example during the boot sequence, which can point to your hard drive problem.

Really Slow Access Times:
If it takes your computer too much time for simple things such as opening a folder within windows explorer or deleting trash, then your computer’s drive may be going wrong. As these symptoms precede drive failure, (which normally follows), it happens usually within two months of these symptoms. However, if you have realized that your computer hard driver has not accessed files smoothly for several month longs period, then it will be sensible to install once more the operating system.

Should you notice any of the signs discussed above in conjunction with suspected hard drive failure, it is advisable to turn off the drive and call Gardner Precision Technologies’ professional hard drive recovery specialists right away.

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